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 I'm a managing editor and columnist for:
February 2013 article: 10 Tips for Fine Tuning your Media Antennas
March 2013 article: Meet the Darlings of Class Action Lawsuits
April 2013 article: What Type of Spiritual Poverty Do You Suffer From?
May 2013 article: She Told Us So...
June 2013 article: New Age and the Need for Soul Food
July 2013 article: When You're Not Married to a Saint
August 2013 article: For Saint Peter's Sake!
September 2013 article: Are You Really Successful?
October 2013 article: The Case of Mr. Holier Than Thunderbolt Versus Mrs. Barest Minimum Catholic
November 2013 article: What Would Jesus Blog or Tweet?
December 2013 article: The Unexpected Prolife Witness
January 2014 article: Catechism: You Don't Know Squat
February 2014 article: Why Mary's Picture Hangs in a Catholic Home
March 2014 article: Parental Bragging and Legacy
April 2014 article: The Flip Side of 'Heaven is For Real'
May 2014 article: Don't Turn Your Back on Fatima
June 2014 article: Summer Readiness: 5 Things Catholics Forget
July 2014 article:  The Secret to Converting Your Family and Friends
August 2014 article: The Feminine Genius is Not Just Barefoot and Pregnant
September 2014 article: How is Evangelization Judging
November 2014 article: A Crash Course In Purgatory or (Why You Should Car about Purgatory)
December 2014 article: But Catholics DO Have a Relationship with Christ
January 2015 article: Was Your Marriage "Meant to Be"?
January 2015 bonus: How to Handle Mixed Feelings on the Pope's Remarks
March 2015 article: Are you ready for the Blood Moon Prophecies?
April 2015 article: What Lurks Behind the Vaccine Mom Wars
May 2015 article: What do Fetal Parts and Relics Have in Common?
October 2015 article: What Sts. Louis and Zelie Teach Us about Soulmates
January 2016 book review:  Is the Kiss of Jesus right for you?
February 2016: What to do When Pope Francis Trumpets Immigration and Aliens
March 2016 Book Review: The Gate and Interview with Nancy Carabio Belanger
April 2016 Book Review: Let Peter Kreeft and Mother Angelica Tell You How to Be Holy
May 2016 Book Review: We'll Never Tell Them and Interview with Award-Winning Fiorella De Maria
June 2016 Book Review: Invited+Interview with Stephanie Calis
July 2016 Book Review: The Go-To Saint for your Medical Needs

I also contribute to Catholic 365, Catholic Lane and Ignitum Today:

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Family and the Village People
The Dirty Secret of Romance Novels
What's the Pope's Consecration Got to Do with Me?
Patron of Compulsive Shopping Disorders
Facebook Friends versus True Friends
From Fashion Icon to Fashion Victim
What Alabama's Politics Could Teach the Rest of the Country
Sanctifying Chores Without Going Bananas
Let WHO Plan My Family?
Timeless Fashion Advice From St. Francis De Sales (Ignitum Under Technological Construction so I'm linking back to me.  It's the same article.)
The Superpower of a Grandmother
Why People With a Colorful Past Evangelize
Guidelines on Catholic Combox Writing
What 5 Star Christian Hospitality Is About


Nancy Shuman said...

Thank you so much, and thanks be to God. I am awed to be in such company.

8 kids and a business said...

You're welcome, Annabelle. It was my pleasure. From the "likes" on your latest article at Catholic Lane, "Facebook Friends versus True Friends" those editors will be beating down your door soon enough. It's a great article, as usual. So...wait...are you nominating me? LOL! Thanks!!I need to go exploring your list of awardees.

Anabelle Hazard said...

Terry, of course I'm nominating you, you with your infinite list of subscribers and followers.

Colleen said...

Found you here through Mary at Beautiful Gate. She gave me the Blog award.
Love your blog.
God bless.

Jennifer @ Catholic Inspired said...

You are very deserving of the award, Anabelle! You have a great blog! And thank you, for passing it to me! I feel very honored! Blessings to you and your family!

8 kids and a business said...

Annabelle, I hope you don't mind but I'm volleying the blog of the year award back to you since you can collect up to 6 stars. And besides, I enjoy your writing.