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Maria de Los Santos is a neophyte saint in 
heaven, a former grandmother and convert to Catholicism.  On her introductory period as she discovers the nooks and crannies of Paradise, Our Lady assigns her a mission on earth.  It involves her previous earthly experience, the wisdom of the saints, the assistance of angels and the future of her descendants.

 Innocent idealist and devout Catholic Alana O'Keefe prayed three Hail Mary's everyday for her future husband since she was a six years old homeschooled girl in Honolulu, Hawaii.   Heaven is about to answer her prayers in a most unexpected manner by sending her the wrong person, in the wrong place at exactly the wrong time.

 Charming Atheist Lukas Swenson has never felt the need to pray for a future wife.  He finds plenty of female groupies when he plays with his rock band in Barcelona, Spain, thank you very much.  But heaven intervenes anyway and orchestrates a surprising meeting with a woman he cannot forget.  

   What follows is a series of meetings and goodbyes, of twists and turns, hits and misses  of discovering God's will and one's destiny and finding true love in a romance that can only be written by the Mother of God.  

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       Click here for an excerpt of Written in the Sand and Stars featured on Tuscany Press. 

       "Sand and Water" (the first edition of this novel) was endorsed by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director Priests for Life as: "an engaging and inspiring love story.  Deftly woven into its narrative are the Catholic Church's uncompromising teachings on some of todays most relevant topics: feminism, purity and abortion. I recommend this book to women of all ages, especially to single young women because they will discover their own love story with the Holy Trinity the Catholic church and the Blessed Mother. 


From the Throne of heaven, St. Raphael the archangel is on a direct assignment to arrange a love story between jilted bride Danielle Evertts and runaway groom Tomas Swenson.  Over centuries, St. Raphael has experienced successes and failures, and this one looks like it’s imploding with doom. 

When Danielle and Tomas meet at a wedding, sparks fly.  However, the sparks explode when it turns out that he’s a liberal Athiest and she’s a conservative Catholic.  The wedding ends disastrously for the unlikely pair.

   The fallout gets worse when Tomas and Danielle meet each other again in a Catholic law school and they find themselves as competitive, bitter enemies on the opposite side of every subject (religious freedom, divorce, gay marriage, abortion,) where there is no compromise.  Their final battle commences in a court room, forcing Tomas to seek mercy for his past and Danielle to come to grips with her unflinching devotion to justice.

     Will these two learn that theirs is a match made in heaven? Or will St. Raphael contend with a failed mission?

Fireflies Dance is being edited and polished. Click here for an excerpt featured in Tuscany Press. Please return in the Fall of 2015 for updates on the manuscript.  If you write a review for "Written in the Sand and Stars" (for your blog or in email) e-mail it to me, and I will give you an advance copy of "Fireflies."

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Melissa said...

Hi Anabelle,

I have finished reading "Sand and Water Galley" and "Fireflies Dance", and have enjoyed both. I love how both novels impart a love story but with Catholic values AND sense of humor (oh my, I never stopped grinning while reading Fireflies Dance! LOL). I hope many young adults read "Sand and Water Galley" and learn that True Love Waits; also, I hope that after reading "Fireflies Dance", they would appreciate more the Archangels and love their Guardian Angels too. I'm now looking forward to your next novel with excitement on how the lovestory of Raphael will come about.

God bless,

P.S. Are you a Filipina too? :)

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you Melissa for your kind words. I've run into a snag on my third novel so pray for me. Yes, I am absolutely Cebuana, now an Alabaman.

Sue Elvis said...


Thank you for offering free copies of your novels. I can't wait to read them!

God bless you!

hey said...


Jean Luc RJ said...

Hello Anabelle,
I read your novel 'Sand and Water'. It was great. it was entertaining, easily understandable and informative. It answered many of my questions about Catholic faith. Thank you for such a wonderful work. Didn't read 'Fireflies Dance' yet. Guess it would be great too. Your articles are great too. Keep up the good work. All the best! God be with you always!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Thank you Jean Luc. God bless you!

Katia Gyetvai said...
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Katia Gyetvai said...

How do I read these? I want to read them, but can't figure out how to. Help please!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Hi Katia, I'm revising the novels and editing them. Email me at and I will email you when they are available. God bless you!

Veronica said...

Are there any updates on how the revisions are going? I read these books a couple years ago and loved them - I could really relate! I would love to reread then after they are re-edited!

Anna Mariam said...

I would love to read these books, how can I do that?

Anabelle Hazard said...

Hello Veronica and Anna,

Finally the first novel is finished. Sign up your email on the right hand tab, confirm subscription and you will get a final email with the link on the book. Thank you for your interest. Enjoy.

Carmen Villalba said...

I have a question. I want to read fireflies dance so badly, but where do I download it?
Can't wait... no, I can, but it's hard!
God bless 💖