Real Catholic Love Stories

Romantics of the world, please raise your hands.

 C’mon admit it. You line up for sappy movies, and bought “The Notebook” DVD the minute it came out to add to your love story collection. After you catalogued it into the “drama-but-happily-ever-after” category, as you sang along to Nat King Cole's "When I fall in love".  You grabbed that pastel colored ribbons and lace on the cover of the romance novel when you spotted it next to the heart shaped box of Godiva chocolates at Barnes and Noble.  Carted off the chocolates, as well. Then, you tenderly laid the new book beside your Jane Austen shelf rack.

So go on, raise your hand, no one is looking.  I’m flapping hands and legs beside you, girlfriend.
 Everyone loves a good love story.  Even God wrote one in the beginning of time: Adam and Eve.  Then came Rebecca & Isaac, Rachel & Jacob, Tobias & Sarah, Boaz & Ruth, Joseph and Mary. 

 The first miracle of Jesus performed was turning water into wine at the Wedding Feast in Cana, spotlighting for us the goodness of marriage.  Not only does the Sacrament of Matrimony powerfully transform us but it also calls married couples to be an effective sign of Christ’s love for the world.  

            Almost 1900 years after that miracle, Jesus wrote my grandparents love story.  My grandfather, Antonio was a doctor who fell in love with a beautiful nurse, Luz.  Before you sound out the “cliché” alarm, let me tell you girlfriend, they lived through the horror of world war two. 
Since Antonio was a noted surgeon, the Japanese set out to hunt him for forced labor.  My grandfather dressed up in a skirt, top and bandana and set sail with his family to a remote island in the Philippines, called Camiguin.  Luz did not want to leave without her parents and siblings so Antonio took all of his wife’s family when they escaped.   They hid in Camiguin until the war ended.  My mother was born shortly after that.   (My mother’s love story is worthy of a novel, too but she is pretty tight-lipped about the details and does not relish being the subject of my blog. I do know and can share this much: she did a nine WEEK novena to St. Joseph before deciding to marry my dad. Meanwhile, my dad sang her Elvis Presley's "Can't help falling in love with you.")

           In 1997, at the age of 85, Antonio was wheeled for surgery into the operating room, the same room where he worked saving lives for his entire medical career.  He reached out to his wife of fifty something years. Luz touched his arm in reply and asked him, “What can I get for you? What is it that you want?”

           “You,” he said.  “Just you.”
           Those were his final words.
           My Kleenex box churns out at least five tissues whenever I think of their story.  Especially when I know it was my grandfather's family that gave me a devotion to the daily Eucharist and my grandmother's family that gave me my devotion to the rosary. All my life, I have wanted the same divine love for myself.  After I noticed Mary’s profound role in this miracle at Cana, I asked Our Lady to write my love story.  (The full story is below.)

           In between Adam and mine, your love stories must have been written and are probably as spectacular as God intended it to be.  If you wrote about it (whether it is of the rom-com, drama, action-thriller or supernatural genre) and don’t mind sharing, please add your link to the comment box and I'll move it up to the post.  If you haven’t written it, what are you waiting for?  And if you want to guest post, or don’t have a blog but want to write here, don't be shy, invite yourself. Shoot me an email (Priests, nuns and consecrated singles, welcome!) In this day and age where marriages and religious vocations are attacked, partners are chosen randomly and children are broken from divorces, the needs to hear of romantic non-fiction loves stories written by the finger of God (or with the help of the heavenly inhabitants). And this nosy novelist just needs a good story to add to my collection to keep me inspired for those days when cranking out the third novel is a chore.

            Here’s a collection that you can check out anytime and you don’t even have to worry about overdue fines:

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Nancy Bandzuch said...

I am so happy we could connect blogs. I too am joyfully Catholic, I just get a little side-tracked on my blog. I'd love to be part of this. It is going to take some thinking on my part (I don't share about personal things easily sometimes, although I know how good it is). Do you have any sort of time-line in mind?

Also, My mother is a Catholic blogger as well, and I KNOW she would LOVE to be part of this. She and my dad have quite a love story. Her blog is She would be flattered if you reached out to her too.

Thanks, and let me know some of the details,

Anabelle Hazard said...

Nancy, I look forward to reading it. No deadline and you can write as the Holy Spirit leads you to. Just email it to me when you're done and pics if you want to I'll look up your mom. Thanks.

aedill said...

Hi! I'm hoping to write our Catholic love story... not sure how long it will take, but I will send it along when I've written it!

Anabelle Hazard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anabelle Hazard said...

Look forward to reading it aedill

TRS said...

Pffttttt. Have you ever seen How I Met Your Mother?

i'm the girl version of that.
Date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, give up on dating, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, give up on dating, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, date, give up on dating , date date, date.

I'm forty-flippin-two and my story is still being written, although it's more likely been abandoned - like God has writer's block.

Anabelle Hazard said...

TRS, my girlfriend turned 40 and is in the same boat but the book by Cheryl McKay 'Finally the Bride' gave her fresh hope that God does not have writer's block. His timeline is just not in sync with ours. P.S. My husband prayed that if he didn't meet someone by 30 he'd become a priest --God took that as a threat to the Church and sent me along. LOL

Tina Santiago-Rodriguez said...

I'd love to contribute our story! :) If you don't mind. :) I'm a Catholic wife and homeschool mom based in the Philippines. :) Thanks and God bless!

Anabelle Hazard said...

Sure Tina, go for it. Email me when you're done. Thanks.

jimmymahoney said...

Your parents' love story is heart-warming. Thanks for posting. I touch a little on the beginning of my love story with my wife in my recently published memoir. We met causing trouble in as Catholic school kids:)

Allison said...

Thank you so much for bringing my love story in as #23 at your BEAUTIFUL blog!

Amanda said...

Hi! I recently came across your blog via Suscipio and am so excited! I *love* how you celebrate the, often times, overlooked beauty of everyday romance! So, from my Jane-Austin-reading-romantic heart, thank you! And, I'll email you my recent post about our proposal. My husband blessed us abundantly! I have yet to write about how we met, but hope to soon!

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